Workers Compensation

We help workers heal.

Dr. Shelton, Dr. Boedefeld, and Dr. Meek are experts in image guided treatments to facilitate rehabilitation, and they are experienced workers compensation medical providers.  

Physicians Pain doctors care for those injured on the job.  We work with referring providers, case managers, and adjusters to provide prompt care, and offer evaluation, independent medical evaluations, and second opinion services.

Workers Compensation Coordinator’s direct line: (636) 706-0564 or

About Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an insurance for those who are injured or become ill due to their job or work environment. It can provide medical care paid for by the employer after meeting certain criteria.  Goals include reducing or eliminating pain for the injured worker, returning to previous levels of activity, wellness and functionality, and returning to work quickly and adequately.

Our staff strive to communicate effectively with case managers and adjusters to explain care and recommendations, provide work status reports, provide office notes promptly, obtain a detailed history of injury and implement a treatment plan with prompt return to work and a MMI date. 

Dr. Shelton, Dr. Meek, and Dr. Boedefeld have comprehensive experience with evaluation and treatment of workers and Depositions.

We accept most types of commercial insurances, Workers Compensation, and Medicare.

Start the Path Towards Healing

Our physicians offer ​diagnostic testing, fluoroscopic guided procedures and steroid injections. Our goal is to restore function of damaged joints, nerves, and muscles to treat low back, neck, and other pain. Our mission is to have all patients living their lives with minimal pain and to meet each of our patients’ needs with the highest quality care. We offer innovative solutions utilizing the latest, minimally invasive technologies.