Cervical Facet Pain

(Neck Pain)

Cervical Facet Pain is the most common cause of neck pain.

It occurs from wear and tear in the joints that allow the vertebrae in your neck to move.  This pain often can feel like a sore muscle or can be severe.  

Pain from these joints is in the neck but can also be very significant in other areas. Commonly pain from these joints will radiate up the back of the head or into the shoulders and upper back. 

Treatment of Cervical Facet Pain can involve anti-inflammatory medication, bracing, physical therapy or radiofrequency treatment.  Cervical Facet Radiofrequency Denervation requires the performance of cervical medial branch nerve blocks in order to confirm the diagnosis of facet pain before the treatment can be considered.  

However, success rates are high if the diagnosis is confirmed with two sets of required diagnostic injections.

Pre Injections Instructions

If you are anxious about your procedure, sedation can be provided.
If you choose this option you must meet the following criteria:


Come to your appointment with a responsible adult driver.


Fast for at least 6-8 hours prior to our appointment time. Morning medications can be taken with a sip of water no later than 2 hours prior to you appointment time. Exceptions may include diabetic medications, in this case please call the office for specific instructions.


If you are taking blood thinners or supplements, we may ask that you discontinue them prior to your procedure. Never stop these medications without approval from the physician prescribing them.

If you are taking blood thinners your pain physician may ask they be discontinued prior to injection.  Never stop these medications without permission from the physician prescribing them. Please call our office if your blood thinner is not listed:

  • Acenocoumarol
  • Agggrenox
  • Aggrastat   
  • Arixtra
  • Aspirin
  • Brilinta
  • Edoxaparin
  • Effient
  • Eliquis
  • Heparin
  • Integrilin
  • Lovenox
  • Pentoxil
  • Plavix
  • Pletal 
  • Pradaxa
  • ReoPro
  • Ticlid
  • Warfarin/Coumadin
  • Xarelto

If you are taking any supplements such as Fish Oil, Garlic, Ginseng, Vitamin A&E, Ginger, Kava Kava, Clove, White Willow bark, or Gingko please stop these 7 days prior to your procedure.

Start the Path Towards Healing

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